Genki Media™ LLC is dedicated to projects which contribute to the creative economy. Our motto is Business+Creativity=Happiness™.

In Japanese, the characters “Gen” and “Ki” combine to form the word “Genki” which means “having a happy and healthy condition.” It’s also a common greeting. When people meet in Japan, they ask each other, “Genki desu ka?” (“Are you happy?”) Genki Media™ asks you: “Are you happy with your business?”


ArtJamz is a participatory art event launched in June 2010. ArtJamz is dedicated to making the world a more creative place by selling an ArtBox and hiring talented artists to teach live in-person and virtual art classes for groups and individuals.

Very Genki Communications (VGC) is dedicated to creating content that captures and captivates. We specialize in:

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Genki Media™ projects shall:

  • Involve innovative approaches to creative expression;
  • Advance the creative economy of the Washington D.C. metro area;
  • Generate revenue for incubation of future Genki Media projects;
  • Provide job creation, charitable contributions and /or exposure to the arts for at-risk youth, unemployed or low-income Washington D.C. residents.

Genki Media™ was founded in March 2010 by Michael M. Clements, a creative professional with over 15 years of media and entertainment industry experience ranging from publishing, digital media, online, film and television, and performing and visual arts work in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Hong Kong and Japan.

Genki Media™ has a 15-person advisory board which meets annually to vet future projects.

Email or call 202-709-8078 for more information.