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New Horizons

Welcome to Genki Media, your partner in creative success—at any stage of your journey, we’ll help you surpass your dreams.


We investment in creative ventures


We provide personalized and strategic guidance


We power ideas to successful actualization

In The Weeds?

We understand the exhilarating yet demanding path of nurturing and operating a business, especially in the arts sector. Our experienced entrepreneurs have navigated the highs and lows of the creative entrepreneurial voyage. Our coaching philosophy is centered around attentive listening and offering seasoned advice. We recognize the distinctiveness of each business, life stage, and individual, which is why our consulting methodology is tailored and focused on a human-centered approach, ensuring a personalized experience for each client. Let us help you escape the weeds and flourish.

Iconic Content

Our skill set is diverse but our specialty lies in crafting world-class content. Whether it’s engaging articles for magazines, compelling content for websites and blogs, or insightful narratives for book publishing, our expertise spans across various mediums. Our proficiency extends to marketing and social media strategies as well, where we use impactful language to elevate your business.

Creativity at the Core

We are fueled by creativity, business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why we are dedicated to supporting businesses that enhance the creative economy. Our approach is strategic, multidisciplinary, and spans various platforms, seamlessly integrating smart business practices across diverse creative domains. Our process blends analytical and creative thinking—a synergy of the left and right brain— creating balanced applications that we harness to bring creative visions to life.

Featured Work

“Poetic Dispatches From the Analog Age” is a rollicking scrapbook romp through the end of the 20th century


Nearly two decades of experience creating iconic covers, features, travel, fashion and lifestyle content for print publications


It started with a mission to make the world a more creative place and in 12 years we built and sold the trailblazing arts brand ArtJamz


Are You Genki?

Let’s make your creative dreams a reality