Genki Media™ Chief Creative Enabler

Genki Media, Chief Creative Enabler, Michael M. Clements

Michael M. Clements is an experienced media and entertainment professional with over 15 years of work ranging from publishing, digital media, online, film and television, and performing and visual arts projects spanning the globe between Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Hong Kong and Japan.

Career highlights include working as a communications consultant in Japan for Interac Company Ltd.; building the custom publishing company EightPartnership Custom Media in Hong Kong; and working as the Executive Vice President and Executive Editor of Washington Life Magazine Group, LLC, with oversight of Washington Life magazine, WLOnline, WL Digital, and WLTV; and launching Genki Media.

Advisory Board
The Genki Media advisory board consists of 12 leaders in Washington DC area from media, law, real estate, accounting, consulting and entrepreneurship.