Genki Media LLC (VGC) is dedicated to creating content that captures and captivates.

Genki Media™ currently manages all social media production and strategy for Washington Life Magazine and @washingtonlife, ArtJamz & @artjamz, and Genki Media & @genkimedia as well as for @mikegenki3. And previously for The Picnic Theatre Company.


Projects for print, online, video and television include Washington Life, WLTV, WL Social Year in Review, the ArtJamz website and the 30-minute episodic drama “Pollywood.”

Washington Life Television (On-going)
Genki Media™ founder Michael M Clements was one of the first persons in the D.C. area to apply video to social coverage within Washington D.C. He launched WLTV during the 2008 inauguration and has since executive produced over a 150 short form videos that follow Washington D.C.’s burgeoning social, fashion, arts and celebrity scene. He has also formed strategic alliances with local production companies and TV stations, including for the 30-min primetime network TV program “Washington Life Magazine’s Social Year in Review” on DC50-CW (January 2010).

Washington Life Social Year in Review from Washington Life Magazine on Vimeo.

In addition, as a Washington insider and connector he has enabled WLTV crews to gain access and film some of the city’s most exclusive and high-end events, galas, and happenings. He has also helped to consult with a number a production companies who have filmed segments for broadcast television.

Washington Life Magazine (On-going)
Genki Media™ founder Michael M Clements was hired in 2005 as the executive editor of Washington Life Magazine, Washington D.C.’s leading luxury lifestyle publication since 1991. He helped redesign and up grade the publication while developing engaging editorial 10 issues a year. Washington Life has a circulation of 60,000.

Washington Life Online (On-going)
Genki Media™ founder Michael M Clements revamped Washington Life’s online presence in 2008 and overseas daily content production for the website which receives close to 5,000 unique visitors a day.

Pollywood (Pre-Production)
Episodic 30-minute drama following twenty-somethings in Washington D.C.’s rough and tumble media landscape, where one wayward tweet could be your last.

A Modern day Cash Crop (Completed)
Genki Media™ is re-packaging the 27-minute documentary film, “A Modern day Cash Crop,” produced and directed by Michael M. Clements in 1994. The film looks at the impact of corporate sponsorship on artistic expression via the lens of Crop Over Festival in Barbados. It was shot on 35MM, transferred to digital, edited down to a 30-minute version. All footage and notes were then donated to the Smithsonian Institute’s Human Studies Film Archive in 1995. In 2009, the 30-minute edit was accepted to the AFI’s Caribbean Film Festival; but needs to be re-formatted to film festival standards.

ArtJamz (on-going)

Genki Media handled all of the branding, website build, PR and marketing and content related to the launch of ArtJamz.  Since launching, ArtJamz has grown from a pop-up to a retail franchise with a home in Dupont Circle. It’s online, social media presence as well as press outreached has enabled this success. The businesses has received massive amounts of media attention. You can read some of it HERE.

Picnic Theatre Company (2010-2011)
After launching in 2010, Genki Media™ handled The Picnic Theatre Company’s PR, media outreach and social media, enabling the site specific theatre company’s fast rise.

The Picnic Theatre cast of "An Evening with Anton Chekhov".

In just under a year, the Picnic Theatre Company (PTC) has stormed the Washington theatre and attracted a young social crowd with its cocktail party atmosphere and fun and energetic one-act plays set in and around historic Washington venues. “Traditional theatre in Washington is fantastic, but it can be stuffy,” said Genki Media Founder Michael M. Clements, whose creative consultancy is producing the two-night run. Clements is also executive editor at Washington Life Magazine and founder of ArtJamz. “Our productions are part cocktail party / part theatrical experience. We want people to interact and to have fun. We move the audience around, use different rooms, and surprise them – all while they are holding a glass of wine in their hands.”

To date, PTC has produced three sold-out productions. Following its two sold-out 2010 performances of Moliere’s classic comedy “The Imaginary Invalid,” and “An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe,” the Picnic Theatre Company took its patented brand of “cocktail party theatre” to the historic Washington Club on Dupont circle for two nights, March 24th and 25th, with “An Evening of Anton Chekhov.”

The choice of Chekhov might have surprised some due to the light-hearted nature of the group’s performances; but not to worry, said Picnic Theatre Company co-founder, Oliver Robinson – it’s all part of the eclectic theatre company’s DNA. The company performed two of the master Russian playwright’s farcical pieces, “The Jubilee” and “The Proposal.” “We consciously ch0ose classic playwrights like Moliere, Poe, and Chekhov to prove that they still have a place in modern life.” Speaking of DNA, Robinson works at the National Institutes of Health and has co-authored articles such as A Double Dissociation in the Roles of Serotonin and Mood in Healthy Subjects.

As with all of the Company’s productions, a percentage of proceeds go to charity. Recently, the group of busy Washington D.C. “professionals by day, actors by night” chose the Helen Hayes Awards’ Washington Theatre Legacy Project as its recipient. “We really wanted to give back to local the local community by helping more kids in the area get access to and enjoy Washington’s vibrant theatre scene,” said Picnic Theatre Company co-founder Bruce MacPhail, who, when he isn’t acting, regularly travels to Africa as part of his job as a consultant at The World Bank.

In addition to MacPhail, Robinson and Clements, the cast includes several notable and busy Washingtonians such as Napoleon Lounge & Bistro owner / manager Omar Popal; Director for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Liaison at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and “Suspicious Package” lead singer Christina Sevilla; and young philanthropist and Ann Hand granddaughter Ashley Taylor. The play is being directed by filmmaker Karim Chrobog, who’s 2008 documentary, “War Child” won the Tribeca Film Festival audience award.

Washington has taken notice. A recent Washington Post feature on arts in the capital city, called PTC Washington’s “Next Big Thing.”