US Royalty Headlines vitaminwater zero™ VIP Sessions

ArtJamz partnered with vitaminwater zero™ in order to host an invite-only session at the Gibson Guitar Showroom in the Gallery Place / Chinatown area of Washington DC. The night brought together an eclectic group of the city’s top media, PR and creative influencers and connectors.

It was fitting that DC-based band US Royalty played acoustic sets since this invite-only session was held in the amazing Gibson Guitar Showroom. If you’re not familiar with the showroom, it houses a jawdropping collection of Gibson guitars. Luckily, none of the guitars had extra paint designs on them by the end of the night. Guests rehydrated with the night’s main sponsor vitaminwater zero‘s zero calorie and naturally-sweetened with vitamins and nutrients drink. For more liquid inspiration, they were treated to cool Stella Artois and Blond Leffe. Catering was provided by Cafe Asia, who set us up with sushi, chicken teriyaki skewers, spring rolls, and more. It was great to see so many.

The evening’s “guest artisans” included, Mary Amons, Kate Michael, Pamela Sorensen, Tommy McFly, Holly Thomas, Svetlana Legetic, Paul Wharton, Nicole Aguirre, Erika Gutierrez, Keri Ann Meslar, Nicole Siobal, Tara Lewis, Nicholas Cambata, Tim Conlon, and Adam DeBoer.

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