Street Style with Irvine Contemporary

Irvine Contemporary Gallery is one of DC’s leading art galleries, so when it agreed to partner on an ArtJamz, it was a huge coup, but we knew we had to do something unique and cool – enter the Montserrat House near 930 Club where the gallery was hosting its “Street/Studio 2.0” exhibition.

According to the Irvine Contemporary Gallery, “Street/Studio 2.0 showcased the multiple practices of artists who work across a continuum of sites and mediums that include street mural works, studio works in all mediums, gallery and museum exhibitions, digital production tools, and documentation and distribution on the Web. The artists’ works–in any medium and wherever they appear–form a dialog with the city and engage us with responses to the energy, conflicts, and joys of urban life.”

As for our ArtJamz session held there … well… we ate, drank ( a lot) and created whatever the heck we wanted during a one night only very special ArtJamz held in the still unfinished Monsterrat House near 930 Club, which Thievery Corporation DJ / Restauranteur Eric Hilton is building a sound studio. This empty almost century old building used to house a reggae studio, so, you know it had lots of great vibes still reverberating through it. Now it has our ArtJamz energy!

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