People’s Republic of Art at Cafe Asia

Can you paint in a bar? We did. ArtJamz took over Cafe Asia for three different sessions in October and November 2010 adding a splash of color to the K Street nightlife scene.

It seemed like a crazy idea … painting in a bar. Then again, generally getting 40 people together and arming them with all the beer and wine they can drink and giving them paint isn’t exactly a sane idea in the first place, is it? Eitherway, our three different sessions at Cafe Asia in Fall 2010 were a hit – having it caterer by the yummy kitchen at Cafe Asia helped make it that way too. As ArtJammers munched on sushi and spring rolls, they unleashed their inner Munch (as in Edward) creating a collection of art worthy of all the buzz Cafe Asia has been getting since tweaking its menu and interior design in 2010. Cafe Asia is a well-known downtown lunch spot, but new owner and nightlife impressario Charles Zhou (Eden and Muse) is making Cafe Asia a go to nightlife destination as well.

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